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Romeo and Juliet, from comedy to melodrama

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is considered a tragedy, yet it’s coated in thick, mustardy layers of humor up until the end. Throughout the work, Big Bill spreads all sorts of innuendo and wordplay that creates an interesting effect – a reader (or viewer) can appreciate it on a variety of levels. Thus, it’s up [...]

What is a youth?

Scene 5 of the first act in Franco Zeffirelli’s film representation of Skakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet shows the ball scene, in which Romeo and Juliet have contact with each other for the first time. The scene is marked by a sudden appearance of a young boy apparently called Leonardo (considering how a woman practically begs [...]

Mercutio’s Death

With Shakespeare a director is really able to play with the dynamic of the setting and how the text is portrayed. What I found most interesting is Zeffirelli’s rendition of Act III Scene I, the death of Mercutio. Although, the scene seemed to drag on, I found that the duel seemed light-hearted. The whole thing [...]

The Party Scene

I think it’s interesting to focus on the party scene, since it serves as the true start to the plot progression. The scene consists of general transitions between long shots of the groups dancing, and alternating between a close up of romeo or a close to medium shot of Juliet. These shots effectively pull the two [...]

Blog questions week 3 / office hours

Hi all, As requested, here are some blog questions for this week that you can write about in our course blog. Think about a specific scene and/or shot that you thought stood out in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet as you were writing up your notes. Include your notes and then describe how you think the [...]

Film Terminology Resources

Here are some resources that might help you with the specific vocabulary associated with writing about film. Feel free to comment below if you find other helpful resources. Film Terminology and Other Resources A large glossary of terms. IMDB Movie Terminology Glossary An even larger glossary, but difficult to navigate and search. Film Techniques and [...]

Results of poll on Tuesday

I looked at your responses for each question and here’s what I’ve come up with: Should we have a screening of a film on Friday before a film is due? Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes. In terms of time, most people requested a screening after 6:00 p.m. (which in my experience is when architecture studio [...]

Welcome to Shakespeare in Film

This semester we’ll cover six plays, twelve films, and a performance at the Chicago Shakespeare theater. If you missed the first class or are just joining us, here’s an overview. You’ll be watching films outside of class, but if anyone is interested in watching films as a group I will hold a screening on Fridays [...]