LIT 380: Shakespeare in Film

I am Keanau Hamlet.. I mean.. I am Hamlet

Durring our last class Prof. Roback brought something up, Hamlet’s resolution, and wheather or not his purpose becomes “blunted” or not, as his ghastly father so mentioned.  I thought about this while watching Almereyda’s Hamlet.  Almereyda’s Hamlet is a dark brooding video artist, his character may be dark and depressed, but as Almereyda show’s his character is more likely to commit suicide than murder.  I came to the realization that Hamlet’s purpose isn’t blunted, he lacks courage and conviction untill his eyes provide the evidence for him.  Upon “botching” the inital murder situation, which was done cleverly, by adapting the situation to involve the limozine ride.    Hamlet goes to his mother and pleads her to confess to the crimes.  I think that Hamlet is searching for another external justification.  His visions and his gut feeling may not be enough to convince him to commit “murder.”  Shakespeare’s research about the breaking down of the psyche, Ophelia’s slip into insanity were researched.  Revenge is’t wrong if its justified, it then becomes “Righteous Vengeance”.  Hamlet yearns for “hard evidence,” he knows, he knows Claudius knows he knows, the dilema is finding that which will justify it.  When its out in the open that Claudius poisoned Gertrude, the court is in an uproar.  No one stands in Hamlets way while he’s shooting Claudius.  With respect to the updating of the technology i agreed wholeheartely.  Hamlets “Mousetrap” was a film, messages sent by fax, recording Hamlet with a hidden microphone, the use of pistolas as lethal agents.

The only other worse choice for Hamlet would have been Keanu…

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  1. aroback says:

    Good points with respect to Hamlet’s sense of purpose and conviction. Make sure to bring them up in class tonight.