LIT 380: Shakespeare in Film

Almereyda’s Halmet (2000): An Interesting adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

As a business major, I thought it was an interesting thing to address this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Almereyda’s film, Hamlet (2000). The world we live in today has no kings, kingdoms (which I’d put it as “Royalty is a Novelty”) and even if they do exist in some cases, they have no real power like that state’s government does. But there is one type of organization that runs along similar lines – large corporations and only the thing to be rule over is the markets. Then, name of the commercial powerhouse, “Denmark Corporation” and the name of the film, “Hamlet” are an obvious giveaway to adaptation of a Shakespearean play. Furthermore, the location in the context of the film is New York which subtly suggests that the entire occurrence is referring to a commercial powerhouse than a state’s powerhouse. So, this film is a really creative adaptation of the Shakespearean play and so I would give full points for the creativity in adaptation.


But the question had in mind was did Almereyda have a specific target audience in mind that he wanted to reach out to with this film? I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily see this movie fully appealing to teenagers or young adults. But in my opinion, it probably could appeal to full adults who have dealt with the corporate lifestyle, or like the drama and politics that come along with the business lifestyle. In closing, I can see strong link between a running a state or a large corporation – places of power, wealth and status (as in both cases) are places of moral corruption, and in my view, this is what is being portrayed in the film.

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