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Quite a Branagh Entrance

Despite the St. Crispin’s Day speech, long shot after the battle, and flashbacks,  the scene that stayed with me the most in Henry V (1989) was Kenneth Branagh’s entrance as Henry in the first few scenes. The chorus character first set the dark serious tone while lighting a match in front of his face and exposing [...]

Branagh’s Henry V

Branagh’s version of Shakespeare’s Henry V is a compelling interpretation revolving around the power of war and loss. Though Henry graciously wins the one sided war with minimal loss, Branagh still manages to convey the powerful effects of war.  After the war is won, a long take shows Henry and his army walking through the [...]

Agincourt’s Delivery

With regard to the delivery of lines during the preparation at the Battle of Agincourt. The manner in which both Olivier and Branagh move throughout the scene are similar.  Both enter the scene from a vaulted position with regard to when they address Westmoreland, Oliveir from his horse and Branagh from the top of the ridgeline.  Both directors chose [...]

Blog questions 4/5-4/12

Here are some questions to think about writing on this week: Think about the opening and closing sequences in Olivier’s Henry V. What do they bring to the field of Shakespeare in film? How do you think the opening sequence relates to Branagh’s Henry V. Look for some other connections between the two films. Both [...]