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Japanese Interpolation

Akira Kirosowa’s Throne of Blood, was an excellent adaptation of MacBeth.  I wouldn’t refer to it as an “amalgamation,” mostly because there’s too much that parrallel’s MacBeth.  Most of the key aspects that differ between MacBeth and Throne of Blood can be expained culturally.  A little research about Shoguns and Japaneese governmental sturcutre, give great insight as to why Washizu (MacBeth) [...]

Throne of Blood – Asaji & Demon

The future of Washizu in Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood is arguably shaped by outside forces. At first, Washizu is an honorable man who believed even accepting the throne would be a treacherous act. However, both the demon and Asaji twists Washizu’s mind and convinces him that he must take the throne.  The director draws parallels [...]

Macbeth in another language.

It was certainly interesting to see a Shakespeare adaptation from a new cultural and linguistic perception. However, it seemed very drawn out at times, and at others it was very abrupt. Understanding this is of the Noh style of film does explain many of the directorial decision though. At first watching it, I found it difficult to [...]

Visions/Hullucinations in Macbeth

Throughout the paly of Macbeth, visions and hullucinations recurred quite often. When Macbeth was going to kill Duncan he saw a vision, some would call it, or maybe an hullucination. He saw a dagger floating in the air, the dagger was covered with blood and was pointing to the king’s chamber. The dagger could have [...]

Throne of Blood: The power of setting

When an artist pays tribute to another artist’s work, the results are often a far cry from the original. Most casual consumers of art and media can imagine a cover song, movie, or comic that has “ruined” something they loved. Sometimes, however, a piece of work that pays tribute or homage becomes something else entirely. [...]

Lady Mac-boring [Throne of Blood, 1957]

I just first wanted to say that I understand that this is a Japanese film from 1957 and that it uses film techniques from that era. However, there were some aspects that I could just not get over to enjoy this movie. From the cheesy soundtrack to the rushed speech, it was very difficult to [...]

Pushover Macbeth

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth gives the reader the opportunity to understand the consequences of not acting for your own intentions or believes. Poor, “unlucky” Macbeth seems to be the victim of decisions made for him, instead of grabbing them and making them by his own means. When the witches foresee his destiny, involving him as a [...]

Some questions to consider for the blog

Hi all, Here are some questions to think about in terms of the upcoming films we are watching. How do you think Polanski’s (1971) more traditional interpretation compares to Kurosawa’s (1957) re-imagining of Macbeth. What works especially well in Kurosawa’s edition? What elements do you see that are similar to the source material? We read [...]