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Iraqi Version of Romeo and Juliet

I read this article from the New York Times on an Iraqi version of Romeo and Juliet where Montague and Capulet are portrayed as Shiite and Sunni, respectively. Other notable changes: the lovers are killed by a suicide bomber, Paris is an Al Qaeda fighter, and the Queen Mab speech (which is too risque for [...]

Rome + Juliet: Symbolism

With only about half of Shakespeare’s text from the play, Luhrmann uses film media as a way of visually expressing Romeo and Juliet’s story, creating multiple layers of meaning. The most obvious and frequent symbols are the hints towards Catholicism. Romeo + Juliet is overflowing with Catholicism with the Capulet house as the best. Everything from [...]

Romeo and Juliet

As I brought up in class, one of the scenes that stood out in my mind was when Romeo’s first appearance.  Zeffirelli’s depiction of Romeo is very dreamy.  In this scene very youthful, whimsical music is playing while Romeo walks up.  In addition to the music, there appears to be a warm glow surrounding Romeo [...]

The 90′s

One of the biggest constants that mankind carries throughout the years is the continuous change of trends and interests. Each decade practically carries it’s own ways and style. The 1990′s, as any other time period, has it’s specific characteristics. This writing will compare Baz Luhrman’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996), and Gil Junger’s 10 Thing [...]

Balcony Scene

A specific scene that stood out in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet was the scene where Juliet was on the balcony and Romeo came to seek her. The reason why this scene stood out is because of the way Zeffirelli directed it. The lighting, background, and the way Romeo and Juliet spoke to each other were [...]

R+J, Act 4 Scene 1, Luhrman

I picked this scene in the film particularly because i feel that its one of the most powerful scenes in the film, both with regard to performances by actors and creativity of Luhrman. Starting with the Paris (Paul Rudd) speaking with Friar Lawrence (Pete Postlethwaithe) talking about the rush to marry.  When Juliet (Claire Danes) [...]

Romeo and Juliet, from comedy to melodrama

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is considered a tragedy, yet it’s coated in thick, mustardy layers of humor up until the end. Throughout the work, Big Bill spreads all sorts of innuendo and wordplay that creates an interesting effect – a reader (or viewer) can appreciate it on a variety of levels. Thus, it’s up [...]

What is a youth?

Scene 5 of the first act in Franco Zeffirelli’s film representation of Skakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet shows the ball scene, in which Romeo and Juliet have contact with each other for the first time. The scene is marked by a sudden appearance of a young boy apparently called Leonardo (considering how a woman practically begs [...]

Mercutio’s Death

With Shakespeare a director is really able to play with the dynamic of the setting and how the text is portrayed. What I found most interesting is Zeffirelli’s rendition of Act III Scene I, the death of Mercutio. Although, the scene seemed to drag on, I found that the duel seemed light-hearted. The whole thing [...]

The Party Scene

I think it’s interesting to focus on the party scene, since it serves as the true start to the plot progression. The scene consists of general transitions between long shots of the groups dancing, and alternating between a close up of romeo or a close to medium shot of Juliet. These shots effectively pull the two [...]