LIT 380: Shakespeare in Film

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Almereyda’s Halmet (2000): An Interesting adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

As a business major, I thought it was an interesting thing to address this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Almereyda’s film, Hamlet (2000). The world we live in today has no kings, kingdoms (which I’d put it as “Royalty is a Novelty”) and even if they do exist in some cases, they have no [...]

Iraqi Version of Romeo and Juliet

I read this article from the New York Times on an Iraqi version of Romeo and Juliet where Montague and Capulet are portrayed as Shiite and Sunni, respectively. Other notable changes: the lovers are killed by a suicide bomber, Paris is an Al Qaeda fighter, and the Queen Mab speech (which is too risque for [...]

Almereyda, method of no madness.

In Almeryeda’s (2000) Hamlet, Ethan Hawke plays a Hamlet that is more depressed than is mad or vengeful. Throughout the film his voice is kept low, he rarely shouts or raises his voice which rules out anger at Claudius, even after the movie scene. This rules out the vengeful side of Hamlet that one might read when [...]

Dance for your dessert

I saw this humorous article on the Folger Shakespeare Theater blog about a big dance number they are rehearsing for their production of The Taming of the Shrew.

Branagh’s Hamlet

Branagh’s version of Hamlet seems significantly more dramatic than it needs to be. The fast speech, though necessary in order to keep the length of the film to a minimal 4 hours, makes everything seem urgent and amplified. Actors are often out of breath when delivering lines so quickly to meet the time constraints, making [...]

I am Keanau Hamlet.. I mean.. I am Hamlet

Durring our last class Prof. Roback brought something up, Hamlet’s resolution, and wheather or not his purpose becomes “blunted” or not, as his ghastly father so mentioned.  I thought about this while watching Almereyda’s Hamlet.  Almereyda’s Hamlet is a dark brooding video artist, his character may be dark and depressed, but as Almereyda show’s his character is more likely to [...]

Film Techniques in Hamlet: Branagh

In the film Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh, there were many different techniques the director used in order to portray the original play written by Shakespeare. A very important technique he used was flashbacks. When stories were being said,especially stories that happened in the past, the story would be shown while the storyteller’s voice would be [...]

Non Nobis Domine

Throughout Branagh’s Henry V, the viewer is fed with different stories that connect with each other to create the main storyline. The glue that sticks all the little stories together is a long shot made after the final battle. This part of the film gives closure to some points that needed it in order for [...]

Polonius “It’s a Trap!” (Springes to catch woodcocks)

Branaugh’s interpretation of Polonius’ warning to Ophelia was much different than my own of the text. Whereas I read Polonius as a bit of a fool and one to overreact, Branaugh shows him as a very serious character.  In the scene in question, when Polonius is explaining to Ophelia that Hamlet doesn’t really love her, Polonius is placed [...]