Paper memos


This is from the article in Vanity Fair detailing the aftermath of the Sony hack:

Suddenly it was a pre-Digital Age at Sony. Whoever hacked the company had not only stolen its internal data; they had wiped out everything in their wake. Sony’s e-mail system was down and out, so employees were forced to communicate by paper memos, texts, phone calls from their personal cell phones, and temporary e-mail addresses. The studio’s executives were reduced to using BlackBerrys unearthed from the basement of the Thalberg building.

Also, if you are looking for a reference guide on the parts of a business letter, check out this page on the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) website.

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Welcome to COM 421: Technical Communication. This will be our course website (not Blackboard).

Today we’ll review the syllabus and course schedule. You’ll also register for the site. When you register, use your IIT username and email address. This course is not indexed by search engines.

After that, we’ll cover some concepts that will help you to succeed in this course.

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