Comparison of Two Leading Display Technologies


Screens are slowly becoming the dominant surface our eyes focus on. A computer screen is a device that displays an image to a user. The display does this by arranging a matrix of tiny dots called pixels in such a way that it forms an image. However, not all displays are created equal. There are different types of displays that serve different purposes. Two dominant display types are IPS and OLED. They are used extensively in mobile devices.


An IPS panel is a type of LCD panel. An image is drawn onto a screen and then made visible via a backlight. The backlight is typically a white LED light that illuminates the surface of the panel evenly. The result is a bright and crisp image.


  • Accurate colors- These displays can be made to be very consistent. Color accuracy is usually not an issue. As such, these displays would be ideal for digital artists.
  • Stable response time- Having a constant framerate is good for standards compliance. An IPS display’s response time is adequate and is very reliable.
  • Bright backlight enables outdoor use- The use of a backlight makes the screen more visible while in sunlight. This reason alone makes an IPS display a good choice for any mobile device.


  • Depends on backlight- The dependency on a backlight almost makes the display feel obsolete. There is light that bleeds from the screen even when displaying purely black images. Technology has emerged that eliminates this problem in other displays.


An OLED panel does not use a backlight. The light for each pixel on the screen is provided by the pixel itself. Rather than having a few LED lights to illuminate an entire screen, an OLED panel uses millions of tiny LED lights and switches them off and on as they are needed. OLED panels are used in many mobile devices, but are making inroads to use in televisions and computer monitors.


  • High contrast- Because of the nature of LED lights, the display is capable of displaying images with higher contrast levels.
  • Deep blacks- The OLED design leaves the backlight behind. Instead, the light from the screen is provided by each pixel. The pixel is illuminated as it is needed. Each pixel is independent from one another. That means that a dark or black pixel will not emit light. This display allows the display of true black as in the absense of light.
  • Wide viewing angles- Again, because there is no backlight, the panel does not rely on light filtering tricks to achieve a bright image. Since these filters aren’t in place, the pixels are at the surface and are nearly perfectly visible even at wide angles.
  • Night use- Thanks to the display’s ability to illuminate only parts of the screen as needed, it is possible to use the display at night with less strain on the eyes.
  • Flexible- The application of displays is sure to grow. Many new appliances are created with extra functionality that utilize a screen. OLED screens can be made flexible. This enables the use of screens on flexible surfaces or surfaces that are curved.


  • Vulnerable to burn in- The longevity of the LED pixels is a problem. It is especially noticeable when a static image is displayed on the screen over a long period of time. The image will seemingly burn itself onto the screen. This is because the LED begins to degrade.
  • Short lifespan- Screen burn-in is one problem. Another, more general problem is that LED lights of each color degrades at a different rate. This means that over time, as the display ages, its colors becomes less and less accurate.
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Epic Fail: A Cartoon Advertisement was Mistaken for Bomb Attack


Aqua Teen Hunger Force, an American animated television series, was meaning to be promoted by Cartoon Network in 2007 by LED devices set up everywhere in Boston as an funny originality. However, they never thought their cute funny LED devices, figured as a cartoon character Ignignokt in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, would be regarded as bomb attack which scared Boston citizens and attract Police and Fire Dept instead of customers. This is an epic failure of communication. As nobody wants to get troubles when he was doing promotes. This old news was found here.

Two men in Cartoon Network wanted to give some funny stuff to attract their customers. They put the small LED devices of Ignignokt figure everywhere and these devices were kind of hidden. Probably they want to surprise the viewers, so they sneaked to several places and set the LED devices. And they really “surprised” the citizens, and Police. One of them, Berdovsky, is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and a founding member of a video artists group called Glitch who goes by the nickname “Zebbler” and sings in a band called “Superfiction.” He thought by using art and innovation would be a good idea to advise more people to find interests and he was right. But, the funny elements once could be mistaken for something potentially dangerous, it would be a terrible advertising. Police officers were notified by several Boston citizens and they sent the bomb squad out. Finally, they realized that was just some LED cartoon figures without any bombs. After they knew this was an advertisement, they were very angry. Those two men at last were arrested that evening.

This is funny but really not a good idea for all citizens, officers and Cartoon Network staffs. So, we truly want to eliminate such problem. I’ll give some suggestions for advertising to avoid communication failures.

  1.  Write down the idea of advertising. Detail the information you want to do with the idea and give full plans.
  2. Give such suggestions to legal assistants to check whether the idea and the plans are legal so that you can avoid law issues.
  3. Discuss with other colleagues to find out the potential negative effects for the viewers.
  4. Contact police if you want to put advertisement like hidden things so that they will know what’s happening. Safety is the first priority.
  5. Do the job in the daylight time.

Sometimes, communication failures may be just some jokes but sometimes, they will be dangerous even cost people’s life. So, try to avoid communication failures and keep contact with related persons or departments. So, if you want to give some surprise advertisements to viewers, what will you do to make that as funny as you can but avoid such communication failures?

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Page design and audience in a scientific article


A recent article in Science Daily discusses a recent breakthrough in the speed of the world’s fastest camera (10000x speedup). While the topic is very interesting, certain elements of design and audience should be reconsidered.


This article suffers from the ever so common “wall of text” issue. There are no headings to break up the article. It is just one long block of paragraphs with very small text. The author most likely thought the article was short enough to not need sections. Although it is a fairly short article, I think it would have benefited from several sections with headings.

Although the author of the article is not responsible for this, the layout of the site could certainly use some tweaking. The article is surrounded by other content that very distracting from the article. Although the advertisements may be removed by ad-block, much of the distracting content is links to other content on the site. Reducing the number of links next to the article would greatly increase the article’s readability.


In addition to visual issues with the article, the audience of the article may not have been considered carefully. It is my understanding that Science Daily targets readers that may not necessarily be well studied in science. In this case, this article seems very difficult to understand for someone without a science background. Although some sections of the article try to explain some scientific terms, other sections use them without explanation. For example, the third paragraph says “laser pulse reflection, refraction, faster-than light propagation of what is called non-information, and photon racing in two media” without explaining any of these terms.


I would love to hear your opinions. Do you think the article is too technical for the average reader? Or do you think I am wrong about Science Daily’s target audience?

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History’s most famous Miscommunication?


Little is it known that the dropping of the atomic bombs, ”Little Boy” and “Fat Man” , on Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have been a miss communication. The United States asked the Japaneses near the end of WWII if they would surrender. The Japaneses respond with the word “mokusatsu”. In Japanese “mokusatsu” means “we withhold comment – pending discussion”.

The word was mistranslated when it was sent to the united states to the meaning “We are treating your message with contempt”. Many people in the United states were insulted with the answer and requested immediate action by President Truman. Truman agreed with the public out cry and decided to drop the bombs. If the response was more closely analyzed it could have been a possibility that the bombs were not dropped at all. It could have saved thousands of lives.

What could have been done so a miscommunication to this degree didn’t happen?



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Voice-controlled interface


Nowaday, most cellular phone and tablet pc has voice-controlled interface such as Siri in IOS system. Do you satisfy voice-controlled interface so far? Well, it is depend on users’ satisfaction. In this article, Jim Glass, a senior research scientist at MIT who has been working on speech interfaces since the 1980s said “The combination of more data and more computing power means you can do things today that you just couldn’t do before.” It means that we need more data and more statistic data for using voice-controlled system. Since voice0-controlled interface invented, people has argued that it works well for every situation.  Actually we discussed about it in class already.  I would like to summarize it for pros and cons.


  1. Speed

Actually, one of the advance is saving time. It allows for more speed instead of typing work. We don’t have to learn about keyboard type. We can skip all procedure. For example, when I send text message to someone, we don’t have to find message button, and don’t need to type word and contact.

2.  Possibility without hand

There are a lot of situation we can’t type. For example, when we are driving, we can’t type text message. But if we use voice-recoginition, we can type text safty and quickly.


  1. Delay and Error

I have android phone, and I barely use voice-controlled system. One of reason is it is kind of delay procedure. If I say something, the system recognize wrong word or different order. It delay more than clicking  menu button.

2. Limitation.

As I mentioned above, we need more data for using this system. There are a lot of situation possibly, but this system doesn’t understand at all each situation we have. I think we need more sentence not like word because there are a lot of situation, for example if you say “contact”, Program understand contact for what user’s need for. and the program will say questions again and again. This means that program need for sentences also for each possible situation.  and we need to learn training.

Future Voice controlled System

For avoiding these cons, we have to use more sophisticated statistical model.  Have you watched movie that name is ” Her.”  This movies can make possible conversation between user and operation. Even they fall in love each other. I just want to suggest future model not same like this movie. I think we need not only big data, but also need Artificial Intelligence system for this voice-controlled system. What you guys think about cons and pros?, and what else to improve this voice-controlled system?





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Improvement of the article


These days,  engineers are developing lots of new technologies. I read an article about new technology which smartphone device connects to built-in display of car dashboard. The article introduces characteristics of Google Android Auto and of Apple Carplay and compares them. In my opinion, the readers can realize the differences between Google Android Auto and Apple Carplay by reading the article and watching an video in the article. However, while I read the article, I found improvement.


First of all, I hope to add company name with product name in the tag of picture. The reader who is not familiar with the name of app may scroll up and down in order to make sure or check whether any company product. This is because it is not very long since the technologies are commercialized. When the readers see Carplay’s picture, they may be confused whether or not Carplay is based on iOS. To recognize exactly whether the product is based on iOS or Android by seeing picture and picture’s tag, tag should be included both the company name and the product name like main title.

Picture that compares the product

Second, I wish to make the picture that can compare both Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay like first picture in the article. The pictures about UI, User Interface, are put respectively. If writer had made the combined picture, the readers could have been convenient to compare between Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay by seeing UI picture at the same time. Furthermore, the reader who use small screen does not need to make effort to scroll up and down in order to compare between the two.

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Patriot Missile Failure Miscommunication



The Challenger and the Columbia were not the only places where complacency/miscommunication led to a disaster. One example of a miscommunication gone wrong is the Patriot Missile Failure. There was one main problem with the missile. The people writing the software did not let each other know whether or not they were accounting for floating point number error. Because only some of the programmers accounted for the error, the missile calculated it’s trajectory wrong and blew up a US Army Barracks killing 28 people. The sad part is, if the whole team had agreed on either, one, fixing the error or two, ignoring the problem (The rounding errors would have canceled themselves out), the missile would have been fine.

The takeaway from this example, is to standardize anything that might be risky in your project.

Can you think of any examples of a team that should have chosen a standard?

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Will wireless devices become mainstream?


Have you ever been suffered with wire? Such as the headphone’s wire is not long enough, earpods’ wire mess  twining, or many “unknown” wires twining together in the back of desktop. I believe you do. So, the only way to fix this problem is changing into wireless.

current situation

As a matter of fact, wireless devices are not mysterious. There are some wireless devices have already been developed. Headphones, keyboards, speakers, they are all able to be wireless. But, some challenges do occur. Every wireless device has a common weak point——transmitters. By choosing wireless devices, we say goodbye to mess wire twining. However, plenty of transmitters show up. Besides, transmitters are always big and heavy, in order to provide better signal.

Moreover, wireless connection is not reliable. As we know, wireless means transfer data from sender to receiver. Like a cellphone. But this kind of transfer coming with packet loss probability. For instance, you may suffer with bad cellphone signal when you’re in an elevator. That’s because metal surroud you and signal is not able to get through easily. Same theory, if there’s some interference source in your room (even a cellphone),  wireless devices may not be working properly.

Future outlook

However, these problems are just technical problems. Cellphone’s chip can be smaller, why can’t transmitters? 4G network can be more reliable, why can’t wireless devices’ connection? People couldn’t believe traveling by air but we made it. So, there’s nothing impossible. It’s just restricted by time and technology.  But I believe wireless devices will become mainstream in future.

What do you guys think?

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Social Media Fail


So many organizations nowadays use social media to promote their brands. Because of the extensive use of social media that these companies employ, it is really important that they are careful with what they post. This issue is not restricted to only companies’ pages. Company employees, especially those with top positions, must use measure when using their personal accounts as well.  They represent the companies and because these people are usually widely known, anything they say may negatively affect the company they represent. When I was looking for examples of social media fails I found this website. The example that really caught my eye is “UX: the new scapegoat.” In this example, the former PayPal director or global strategy goes on a rant and criticizes other coworkers and uses profanities to offend them. He then says that he was using a new phone and thought that was a private chat. PayPal immediate fired him in order to not be associated with these posts. In my opinion, not only was he highly unethical by publicly offending coworkers, but he made it even worse by using an excuse that, even if it was true was also unethical. Do you think that PayPal had any other options other than to fire him?

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Review of “When Knowledge Conquered Fear”


When Knowledge Conquered Fear is an episode of documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014). Its goal is to introduce the history of discovering the comet and the nature’s law behind it. On the Chinese movie review site, it received many positive feedbacks (if the feedback is not readable, please try using Google Translate). Some feedbacks include that it’s easy to understand, that it has astonishing 3-D scenarios, and that it provokes audience’s emotion and deepens audience’s understanding of the characters in history.

Dialogic Model

The show used dialogic model whose ultimate goal is to engage the public in science problems. The show portrays this piece of history as a story, the ancient fear of comet was the “monster” to beat. The plans of Hooke, the budget crisis of Royal Society (the UK national academy of science) and Isaac Newton’s introvert personality were the barriers. And the hero “Halley”, with his passion, intelligence and dedication, went through a lot and final reached the accomplishment of the discovery of “Halley’s Comet”. The dramatic way of telling the history helps audience understand the characters’ relations, emotions, decisions and hence their ends. In this process, a piece history of science is introduced to the public along with the question that what difference has it brought. In addition to the interesting storyline, the show is enriched with spectacular photos and 3-D scenarios of the galaxy which catch audience’s curiosity and interests.

Talking Heads and Insider-outsider Model

The show has a appearing narrator as a insider-outsider communicator, which adds authority and audience’s trust to this show. He was in an astronomical observatory when he was talking about motion of stars, he looked like he was in Royal Society when he was talking about the difficult Halley had publishing Newton’s book, and he was next to a 3-D comet model in motion and used gestures when he was talking about the comet. In his talking, he barely used the word like “maybe”. He talked like he’s professional which also add seriousness to this documentary show. With this insider-outsider narrator, audience are likely to trust the show and hence likely to engage themselves in the show.


Even though the way the show is presented gets audience engaged, there’s one downside, which is that it afford to present more details of history. The material to form the storyline in the show is strictly selected, and hard to add, delete or modify. Audience might be interested other historical details.

Some Take-away

Dialogic model helps the public engage in science, it might also be a good idea for science education.



The reason that I chose the Chinese movie review website is because Chinese people are usually non-religious. They usually don’t have opinions for any God or opposed to atheists. Their reviews are usually based on the experience they got from the show, which are more accurate feedbacks about how well the show conveyed its goal.

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