What would I recommend for Android rather than IOS


Android and IOS are the most famous operating systems for mobile devices in the world so far. I once used IOS  for about one year and after that, I changed to use Android OS up to now. I got to say that I’m really enjoying experiencing Android OS. There are  several reasons I can tell for this:

The return and menu functions

Unlike IOS devices, Android devices have more buttons than a single home button: return and menu. This makes the Android OS very easy and handy to use. In IOS, return and menu buttons are built in each app. It is kind of annoying since I need to find those buttons every time. And the return button is always located at the left corner on the top, which means when I press it, my finger will cross the whole screen and cover up everything. Android devices on the other hand, have those buttons on the left and right sides of the home button, making it easy to use these functions.

The home pages and the Apps pages

In Android OS, there are Apps pages separated with the home pages, in which you can view and access all of your apps. This means you can put only the frequently-used apps on the home pages, and avoid bunch of useless apps. It makes the home pages very clean and tidy.

The Widgets on home pages

Android OS can have widgets on the screen. Some apps like Weather, Music, Picture Frame and Email can be made widgets on the home pages. I personally have Weather, Dictionary and Music widgets on my home pages. It makes the apps easy and quick to access and makes my home pages very tidy and beautiful. I really love this function.

Amazing functions, great design, these made my favorite operating system.

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Want To Buy iPad mini 3? Maybe Consider 2


IPad mini 3, the new generation of iPad mini, is on its way. But it is probably the oddest and most boring product Apple has ever released, as the title of the article described.

When discussion about whether it’s worth to buy new iPhone, new iPad air is going on diversely among Apple fans, whether iPad mini3 is worth buying is rather simple and clear. This question can be simplified as whether it’s worthwhile to spend $100 on touch ID sensor.

According to the Apple.com, iPad mini 3 is $100 more expensive than iPad mini 2, but the only difference between them is the inclusion of Touch ID. At the same time, iPad air 2 is also $100 more expensive than iPad air that  was released last year, but the new feature is much more than a Touch ID. It includes a thinner, lighter model along with a new display, a faster chip and coprocessor, better cameras,  Touch ID and Barometer. It shows what $100 is potentially capable of. But they are not equipped on iPad mini 3.

iPad mini 3 – iPad mini 2 = $100
New feature includes:

  • Touch ID

iPad air 2 – iPad air = $100
New features include:

  • thinner, lighter design
  • better display
  • faster chip and coprocessor
  • better cameras
  • new sensor named Touch ID and Barometer

To people who thinks that Touch ID is trivial, now it is a good time to buy iPad mini 2, which is $100 cheaper but as the newest generation.





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Importance of Audience in the Debate on Computer Security


Tech News World posted this article, in which FBI director, James Comey, argues against data encryption. The rights of the government to monitor citizens via technology is a hotly debated topic, and Comey is very careful in how he communicates to his target audience.


Target Audience

Comey appears to target readers that value the prospect of safety more than privacy. He believes that the distrust that people have acquired for the government will lead to “bad guys” getting away. His target audience is most likely older, family-oriented readers. These are the people are often less concerned with privacy and more concerned with the idea of safety. However, younger people are often more interested in technology, so his target audience may not be as large as he would like.



Although Comey’s viewpoints will likely appeal to his target audience, the strength of his views will drive those already opposed to him even farther away. One of his main justifications is that the FBI only wants to lawfully intercept data. His definition of a lawful interception of data is based on the Patriot Act. However, many Americans consider the Patriot Act unconstitutional and an assault on personal liberties. Therefore, many people outside his target audience will reject his reasoning, and they will thus be pushed farther away from his view.


Possibly Irrelevant

After discussing responses to Comey’s views, the article makes the point that the whole battle of encryption on PCs and mobile devices may be pointless battle. Many people have migrated their storage to public cloud services. Many incorrectly view these services as a securely locked box that only they can open. However, unless a user encrypts data on his/her own before storing it in the cloud, the cloud provider can view that data. This means that the service provider would be legally obligated to turn it over if ordered by the government.

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Windows 10 —— another innovation?


On 9/30/2014, Microsoft released the brand new Windows Operating System— Windows Technical (windows 10).  This new system will release the official version in 2015 and applies to PC, table, smartphone, XBOX and servers.  The highlights of Windows 10 are virtual desktop, multitask operating interface and traditional START menu.

Virtual Desktop

Microsoft took example by it’s rivals ( OS X and Linux), developed Multiple Desktops function. That means, users could set up and switching from more than one desktops while using.  To distinguish with other systems, Windows 10 could “recommend” users to compose different desktops in a proper way.

Multitask Operating Interface

In the taskbar, there’s a brand new button which called Task View.  Users could set up and switching from multiple applications and dialog boxex in the same time. If you are familiar with Mac OS, this interface is similar to Expose in OS X.

START menu

START menu probably is the most famous symbol of Windows system. Windows 8 tried to introduce Metro Start menu which developed for the tables, such as Surface. But this time, traditional Start menu is back! Besides, there’s also a Metro Start menu which could be chosen.


There’s no doubt Windows is still the most famous operating system in the world. But it doesn’t means it’s pride doesn’t allow it to absorb good designs from rivals.  I bet you remember how did Symbian fall. Not only Microsoft, Apple company’s iphone 6 has absorbed so many elements from Samsung Galaxy series.

Users choose the better products which provides a better experience, rather than the stubborn old fashion design with company’s “pride”.

Changing the original style does not means assimilation.

It means innovation.


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Going into a technical field involving some sort of software development, or just web design has been and is becoming more daunting. The plethora of available tools has left people in developaralysis, “the crippling sense that the software industry is evolving so fast that no one person can possibly keep up”, and people have two options:

  1. Choose what you already know “and live in terror that someone somewhere else is doing it better, faster, more elegantly–and our skills will be obsolete and uncompetitive next year” but without a learning curve.
  2. Invest time and effort into learning new tools for the sake of learning and have a competitive advantage

This article describes in detail, and with examples, how quickly technology changes and no matter what you pick, something will beat you just because of the number and diversity of all the tools. I agree with his two options and especially the quote he has from Paul Graham, you shouldn’t conform to what people generally use for certain types of projects but you should choose what will work best. No two projects are exactly alike, they can each benefit from different tools even if the tools are very similar. Such as maybe one tool was built off of another tool and is a custom configuration that somebody thought would be the best for their project. I would generally pick the second option just because a lot of languages, for example, have similarities and the learning curve is not as daunting as one might think.

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You Sneaky Boss!


With the booming Internet development, people nowadays are getting more and more benefits and convenience from that.

Watching FIFA world cup in your cube, flirting with you lover on phone, shopping online on Fridays, what a pleasant life! You might think you can do whatever you want at work, as long as your boss is not standing behind and staring at your monitor. If so, you are wrong, quite wrong.  From this article, it is astonishing that your boss is able to monitor your activities SILENTLY by some means.

From the company perspective, it ensures the efficiency, and prevents the employees from distraction. As for the security, with the corresponded mechanism, it can always lock those vicious hackers out. However, every coin has two sides. It makes staff and workers feel uncomfortable to work under “surveillance”, with negative effects.

As far as I am concerned, it is perfectly fine for the companies may block some entertainment sites at work. Out of business secret protection, it is reasonable that some of them also prohibit using flash drives, or attaching local files under personal emails.  But after work, your employer is not allowed to monitor your off-duty activities and even fire you because they don’t like it.

So just remain serene and keep calm, switch to a proper role during the particular period.

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Website Accessibility Checklist


Sometimes it is hard to come up with all possible ways to help your users. There are many different types of people visiting sites now a days and nobody wants to be left out. This website is a very helpful guide for making sure your site is accessible.

The page is a checklist of accessibility issues and how to design your website to work around them. It has sections about dealing with pictures, tables, applets, scripts, etc. Some of the sections relate to color blindness, while others go into detail about smaller things like how to deal with acronyms. It even prioritizes the order of the most important features.

The Page is quite interesting and it might well be your effort to check it out for each site you make in the future.

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Falling On Deaf Ears a Word to TV Networks


Accessibility online not only affects the blind, but it also affects the deaf as well. Accessibility is something a lot of big companies seem to be missing in this day. Although we are moving forward rapidly to accommodate all sorts of people, it is rather difficult to account for everyone. In this post a deaf person is reaching out to the reddit community to urge large companies to address subtitles for their online content. He mentions later on in his post that representatives are potentially pushing a bill in america that addresses his issue, but he notes that only 10/400 congressmen support it. Are there any other areas in which accessibility could move forward?


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Internet speeds


Over the past 10 years we have all seen an increase in internet upload and downland rates. Imagine downloading a 1 GB file in .8 seconds. To do this it would require a 10 10Gbps broadband connection. In Korea a company called SK Broadband is going to offer this type of service.

Here in the united states we have companies such as AT&T and Verizon that want to limit the download rates of broadband services to 10Mbps. That speed is much slower than it should be. Is it right to limit the bandwidth of users across the entire United States to 10 Mbps if the people are becoming more and more reliant on the internet everyday?

I also wanted to make some comments about the website that first posted about this issue. First off the website is very difficult to read. The layout of the website crams the main information about the article into a small space on the screen. The article is surrounded by user comments and links to other articles. It makes reading the article very difficult because it distracts the reader.  Also the text of the article is very small so it makes reading the physical article hard. This may be fixed with a simple zoom in feature with your internet browser, but it also increases the size of the clutter on the page.

How can the article be better presented on the website? Should the moderators of the site increase the amount of white space to reduce clutter?

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Crowd Experience Smartphone App


Yakima Herald posted this article about a smartphone app designed to enhance fans’ experience of San Francisco 49ers games. While the article has interesting information about the innovative app, its structure could be improved for better readability.


Intrusive Advertisements

Before reading the article, the reader must look past the large advertisement placed before the article. The ad is either above the article or inline with it, depending on the size of the browser window. While this is surely a lucrative ad for the website, it very distracting for the reader. Since the article text is so far away from the title, the ad interrupts the logical flow of the article.


Lack of Sections

Because the article is not broken up into sections, it looks like a monotonous “wall of text”. Although the article contains good information, that information is difficult to locate. The article should be broken up into different sections, which are each identified by a header. That way, a reader can read through the headers of the article to see a road map of the information presented. So, if a reader wants to locate some specific information, he/she can know exactly where to find it.


Lack of blockquote

This article appeals to the reader because it contains quotes from users of the app. The article’s author probably did not actually use the app, so this gives some feedback from actual users of the app. However, this information is not immediately distinguishable from the text of the article. The article could benefit from using a block quote style for the quotes. This would allow the user to easily distinguish quotes from app users and text by the author of the article.


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